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5 Ways To Secure Your Garage To Prevent Burglary

5 Ways To Secure Your Garage To Prevent Burglary

Today, home burglary is on the increase. Over two-thirds of all the crime that occurs these days link to property crimes, usually involving the home. Although the FBI and local authorities are doing their best to put a stop to crime, burglary is something unstoppable. Even though there are many ways to guard your home, criminals will always be lurking out there- hunting for their next target. Apart from there being multiple ways of preventing unwanted entrance to your home, determined thieves will always find their way around and get in.

Breaking, entering and stealing is their business, and they are excellent at it. Over the years, home robberies have been in the spotlight, some of which have even made headlines on the news. Although the offenders get caught and arrested, most serve their penalties while others disappear without a trace. Here we will look at 5 ways to secure your garage to protect yourself and your valuable property, brought to us by AZ Garage Pros.

1. Fix Motion Detector Lights

Sufficient lighting is a crucial part of keeping your home secure. The lighting that is around your garage doors is vital as most burglars like to get access into homes using garage doors. Motion detector lights are used especially at night for residential security. If a housebreaker sees lights around your home chances are he’ll move on. Human motion sensor lights for lighting up outside your garage are readily available with costs varying depending on the characteristics and capabilities integrated. You can choose wireless lights if you dislike wiring. They are inexpensive and extensively used. Attach an alarm to the lights to be on the safe side.

2. Place A Wireless Security System

With crime on the rise, a home security system is a must have. Robbers have become more familiar. You just have to protect your family as well as your belongings. There are numerous types of security systems available currently in the market. For your home, wireless security systems are ideal. Placing a wireless security system will give you access control for all areas in your home including your garage. Besides, security systems can be custom made to suit your specific requirements.

3. Blind Widows

Due to the increase in crime, criminals are looking to scope out your residence. To prevent this from happening you should use a protective barrier between windows door and the street. You don’t require an enormous electric fence to secure your home and property. By blinding windows, thieves will be unable to see what is inside your garage and without wasting time, they will move to the next soft target.

4. Guard The Garage Door

The door leading to your house from the garage must be barricaded like other doors in the house. It is the first step of stopping any intruder who makes it past your garage door. Include a dead bolt and multiple locks with program access codes to prevent potential intruders on their tracks. The door should be made of sturdy material similar to solid wood, fiberglass, metal among others to ensure the safety of your property.

5. Keep Garage Door Opener Safe

The unpleasant truth is that most people are fond of keeping their garage door openers inside cars. Car manufacturers have even gone a step further and included a place particularly for storing garage door openers. When you forget your vehicle in the driveway, it’s not a grand idea to leave behind a device that can give robbers quick access into your home. Instead, include the opener to a key chain or store it inside your purse to keep away burglars. If you dislike the idea of carrying it around, then lock it inside the glove compartment away from robbers.

No matter the options that you decide to pick, there are certainly many other ways you can defend your home from criminals. In the U.S the home security business is a flourishing. Millions of homeowners are investing heavily in preventive measures knowing that the day will come when they will come in handy. Even though your garage may never be the scene of a robbery, there is always a possibility. Robberies can happen anytime, and that is the key reason you should always stay guarded. If you think ahead and invest in the five ways listed in this post, you will be ready for anything that occurs. You have to consider self-defense and ensure that your home and garage is defended from intruders who decide to make you a victim.

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