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Proper Security Measures For A New Home

Proper Security Measures For A New Home

Most people are willing to spend money on security devices just to maintain home security. But remember, protecting our homes from professional thieves may not be that easy, especially when it’s a new home and you don’t know the neighborhood. But then again, most home robberies are done mostly by amateurs rather than professional ones. Therefore, these unlikely events can be avoided if you employ simple yet effective home security measures.

First off, if you already installed a security system in your new house, make sure to check regularly if it is working properly. There may be times when you overlooked few areas where security highly needed only to find out the security system is faulty. If it frequently goes off when it’s not supposed to, have it fixed right away. If you have multiple doors leading inside your house, each of these doors should be secured. If you just moved into a new house, the more you thoroughly check each possible entry to your house to ensure your security.

If you use a padlock as a primary high security lock, make sure to get the type that offers the highest level of protection as much as possible, especially if you are protecting highly valuable items. This reduces the risk of being hacked easily. In any case, you misplaced the keys of the padlocks you use at home, replace the locks right away. And never leave your keys outside your door where it’s obvious or likely places where people hide it such as under the doormat, in a mail box, or under the flower pot. Hide it in a place where only you and authorized people know.

If you go out of your home even for a short moment, have the windows and doors secured either you choose a padlock or other type of security device. Any thief can simply get into your home through an unlocked door. When possible, maintain your new home appearing like there’s anyone inside even though there’s not a soul around simply by making use of timers to switch the lights or radio on and off when you’re not home. Do not place a sign or note on your front door implying that you’re not at your home. This will simply offer as a welcome message to thieves.

If the entrance to your home is dark, robbers will be tempted to break into your home without being noticed. Therefore, it is ideal to install lighting as soon as possible to any areas that can give access to robbers. Thieves do not like being spotted going into your house when they can easily be seen by neighbors or passerby.

There have been some great updates in the past few decades as far as home safety is concerned. The biggest update is wireless systems. Wireless systems are reliable, and allow a lot of options for home surveillance and monitoring.
Wireless system poses less of a threat to your home’s security than wired systems do. The reason is that there are no wires for burglars to cut. They also offer more opportunities with accessories, etc.

Battery backup devices are also important for home safety. It is important for security because your security alarm will still be in place. It is also great, so you will know in case of any gas leaks or fire leaks because those alarms will also be armed.
Accessories are also very useful. Security companies now offer security options on cell phones and other handheld devices. This is a great option for setting your alarms, monitoring video surveillance, or checking to make sure everything is looking good while kids are home and you are still at work.

There are a lot of effective uses with home security today. If you have not taken advantage of them yet now is the perfect time to start. It’s never too late to start.

To ensure the security of your residence is dependent upon precisely how effectively you deploy security units. Selecting the most appropriate device to use is another factor. Should you use a padlock, be sure that it is efficient at safeguarding the important stuff you are guarding. To have comfort, adhere to the easy ideas presented in this post and simply follow your gut instinct. If you know your windows or doors need to have added protection, act right away. There’s no guarantee be sure when robbery will occur. It’s best to be constantly well prepared than be sorry eventually.

Best Options For Car Key Replacement

Best Options For Car Key Replacement

Most people have misplaced their car keys at one point or another. If that has happened to you, you probably looked frantically in your pockets, purse, and all over your house until you found where you had left it. In some cases, however, you may not be able to find your key no matter how much you search, or your key may have been stolen. Lost or stolen keys can also prove expensive and increasingly advanced car key systems mean the cost of getting a spare set has been rising. However don’t panic as there are many options available for replacing your lost car keys:

Online Key Replacement.

These services are able to cut keys based on the VIN number you provide to them. You can order right online and have the replacement key within days and possibly even rushed overnight for a premium fee. Once you receive the key you can program it to your car without a technician. Depending on the car, reprogramming usually involves opening and closing the doors and/or turning lights and other electronics on and off.


Lots of new cars also include telematics systems that go by names such as OnStar, mBrace, and BlueLink. These subscription services can remotely unlock and start your car, either through an app on your cell phone or by making a call to the automaker.

Check with your insurance company.

Most insurance policies are sold with “roadside service coverage”. That means that your insurance company will either pay part or all of your bill. Your insurance company can contact one of its trusted car key specialists to get you some quotes. But it’s worth checking to see what level of cover they provide and what you’ll pay if you claim.

Car dealerships.

One method people resort to when they lose their car keys is car dealerships. It’s a true and tried method, and for a reason: it works! You will need to have your car towed to the dealer. Then you will need to pay the cost of having another key made and programmed if it has a chip or transponder, If you bought your car several years ago, the dealership might not still have information about your vehicle in their records. However, this process is expensive, time consuming, and inconvenient. What most people fail to realize is that there is another option available; working with car key specialists.

Working with Car Key Specialists.

Find and call a car key specialist using a local telephone directory or by calling information. Explain your situation to the car key specialist, noting the type of keys. They will give you the best deal on a new key, about half as much as it would cost to get a new key from your manufacturer or dealer. They’ll open your car and then proceed to make you a new key. While hardware stores aren’t generally equipped to create new car keys (as opposed to simply copying them), car key specialists usually have more sophisticated machinery.

To create a new copy of the key, the car key specialist will ask for some information about your vehicle, including the year, make, model, and VIN number, so have this information handy. Please also be prepared to show proof of ownership, such as a picture ID, along with either your vehicle title or registration papers.

They can provide replacement keys for most models and can also program a transponder, which will allow you to switch off the cars immobilizer and start the car with a new key. A car key specialist can also reprogram the car itself, so that lost or stolen keys will no longer work. Many of them also have mobile services, so they can come to you and perform any necessary work at the car. Your car key specialist might also be able to repair or replace your ignition if necessary.

The Keyless Key.

The latest innovation in modern car keys is the keyless, or proximity, key. It’s a device you can keep in your pocket or bag that’s recognized by the car, unlocks the door and allows you to start the car simply by pushing a button on the dashboard. It’s convenient if you have your hands full of shopping or the kids, but this can come at a cost. Most car key specialists avail this option.


Whatever you decide, treat your keys as valuable possessions. Don’t leave keys so they’re easy to find in the house. It’s also a good idea not to keep your key with your name, address or registration of the car. Have nothing that identifies where you live or who you are.

Help! I Lost My Cadillac Key!

Help! I Lost My Cadillac Key!

As we all know, having access to a vehicle is one of the most essential means of transportation today. Since in 1902, Cadillac has established itself as the premier luxury vehicle within the United States. It isn’t surprising that there is a variety of different models that suits the needs of several drivers worldwide.

Modern Cadillac cars use smart keys (Keyless Access and Adaptive Remote Start) and transponder chip keys. With these unique keys, car owners can achieve high security and maximum convenience.

Nonetheless, transponder keys and some other hi-tech keys aren’t as simple to repair as the standard metal car keys. A transponder key consists of a microchip in the head which communicates with the computer system of the car to deactivate the immobilizers for the engine to start.

Usually, a key is pre-programmed to the computer of the vehicle, and only that specific key would work. When a new key is produced, your car key specialist like LA Car Key Pros will also have to program the brand new key with the computer in the car. Our expert key technicians specialize new key replacement, key duplication, and even chip re-programming.

If you’re trying to seek services of your car dealership, they will charge you a high amount of money for something that is often cost less. Instead of wasting your time and money going to your Cadillac car dealership to request a new set of keys, contact us. We can assist you to replace your lost key quickly and at an affordable price.

We’re very pleased to provide Cadillac technicians services. We offer mobile locksmith services as well. Once you call us, our technicians will arrive in the shortest time possible, cut and re-program your Cadillac key on the scene, whether you broke your Cadillac car key or lost it.

Our Cadillac technicians can produce a new key for your car. A new Cadillac key will replace your lost key. Therefore, your original Cadillac key will no longer operate once your new key is programmed to your Cadillac car. It means, if anyone finds your Cadillac key and wants to steal your vehicle, he will not be able to start your car.

Currently, replacing Cadillac original keys needs GM diagnostic equipment to program a new key which has a computer chip that’s a small radio transponder embedded in its plastic head.

The key chip must be re-programmed and recognized; otherwise, it will not start the car. All keys must be present on the site, and this process should also involve a PIN code from GM, based on the VIN of your vehicle to allow entry and starting the engine.

Our technicians are always ready for any emergency situation. Our technician’s cars are fully set-up and equipped for fast efficient on-site mobile car key services. We concentrate on getting you back on the road as soon as possible. If you’ve had your keys lost, we can help you to get you back on the road in no time.

Whether it’s a transponder key or basic key, our expert technicians have been working with the Cadillac locks and keys for several years and have sufficient knowledge and experience about Cadillac key and locks. Do not hesitate to call us if you’ve lost your keys. We are only one phone call away.

With the car key being the most essential tool which provides access to these ever improving machines, and with a bold and innovative range of high-end Cadillac cars, it’s no wonder that there are many different types of the Cadillac car keys.

Traditional car keys

As we crept towards the 21st century and witnessed the great advancements in the car technology, the more traditional, multi-use car keys have now become a part of history. From starting the ignition, to opening the door and even gaining access to a glove compartment, these keys had it all.

Master keys

Apart from your traditional key, you would’ve been provided with the master car key. These weren’t meant for everyday use, but mainly for the purpose of the car key specialist.

Losing your master key would see huge problems, and may result in a complete overhaul of an engine system. As a result, master keys started to be held on the central database held by the Cadillac, as to avoid any misplacement. So, if you’ve one of these keys, ensure to keep hold of it.

Transponder Car Keys

As the world witnessed the arrival of more modern car keys. Particularly, that of the transponder car key.

This key was introduced to the Cadillac in 1997, with the main focus on preventing auto theft of the car. A computer microchip is fitted into the plastic head and holds a unique code matching that of the microchip within the ignition.

Essential for the key detection by the ignition of the vehicle, any damage caused to a microchip will deny the driver of being able to start the ignition, causing key replacement.

The replacement process mainly depends on the Cadillac car model, as well as some other factors like the urgency of the replacement and location of the vehicle.

Remote Control Car Keys

Another, more common kind of Cadillac car key and increasingly popularity throughout the car market is the remote control key, also referred to as the smart key.

Similar to both the transponder and the traditional key, these keys, with a clear path and the use of infra-red, can be used to lock and unlock the car trunks and doors, as well as controlling vehicle alarm systems.

One downside of this system would be the use of batteries, in case of a replacement, a systematic receive bypass may be needed.

Rolling Car Keys

Rolling car keys were introduced for the Cadillac cars and have become a very common feature of the modern models.

This kind of key is a variation of the transponder key, comprising of the microchip coding system, though; each time a rolling key is used, a new code is sent.

This system proves extremely advantageous to car security, and although it’s costly to replace, as the owner of one of these high-end cars, this specialized car key is worth the additional cost.

Being familiar with the above types of car key is very beneficial to those who own Cadillac cars in ensuring your car security and understanding the technology behind every system. And if you ever require a replacement Cadillac key, ensure you contact us today!

We are very reliable and professional. More importantly, we are available 24 hours a day seven days a week for all emergency car key services. Our technicians are local ready for any situation. Our quick response team offers fast car key services in the region. Our prices are very affordable, and we provide the absolute best services second to none.

A “Kwik” Look At Kwikset Locks

A “Kwik” Look At Kwikset Locks

Kwikset is one of the few companies that manufacture door locks and related hardware that have stood the test of time in the industry because of the innovation and technology incorporated in them. Classic lines plus enhanced styling has made Kwikset products a great choice for many home owners. Over the past decades, the door hardware and lock industry has evolved from the traditional manually controlled locks to today’s smartphone controlled locks. Because of these improvements, home owners can be informed remotely when an authorized person breaks in. Kwikset has integrated the latest technologies in all of their locks and related hardware to ensure that your home remains secure at all times especially at these times when burglars have improvised their thievery techniques. Thanks to the guys at ATL Locksmith Pros, if you want to know more about the nature, types, quality and benefits of door locks offered by Kwikset, you may like to read on below for more information.


Home Security Locks

You would want to keep your home safe at all times especially when you are away for quite some time. Kwikset double cylinder deadbolts boosts the robustness of your glass door by installing a mechanism whereby the door has to be opened from inside as well as outside. They also provide Grade I deadbolt locks for exterior doors including those of the garage and entry doors leading into your house. You may want your neighbor to be picking up your mails when you’re away. With Kwikset SmartKey feature, you can re-key your lock to a temporary key for your neighbor. Also, you can install a temporary personal code (smartcode) provided to provide a temporary key for your neighbor.


Electronic Locks

If you want to add an extra layer of security to your exterior doors, electronic locks have been engineered in ways that fortify the lock systems. These locks provide keyless access, a feature that’s not only safe but also convenient. The smartcode feature enables you to unlock your doors remotely, eliminating the need of finding the key inside your car. Also, you don’t have to alight from your car to open your garage door. If you like a fancy kind of lifestyle, Kwikset electronic locks make life fancier.


Re-Key Technology

Traditionally, a locksmith would have to remove the deadbolt for him to rekey your door lock, a process that takes hours to be completed. With Kwikset, re-key technology, you don’t have to hire a locksmith to help you rekey your system. The rekeying process is a step-by-step process made up of four main steps that are clearly described in the instruction manual. The process enables you to change your keys without having to remove the deadbolt. This feature comes in handy when you’re moving out from your home to a new home. It’s also useful when you lose your key. Home owners can seamlessly rekey their locks whenever old tenants move out as new ones move in thus saving a lot of time and money.


Remote Access Technology

Remotely accessing your door locks provide great convenience as you can manage your door locks even when you are not at home. It makes security so sleek. Imagine handling the major security systems of your home regardless of where you are. The SmartCode alongside with Home Connect enables you to remotely access the door lock from anywhere. You don’t have to give your key to that trustworthy friend anymore. No need to worry about losing your key. The remote access technology notifies you when someone enters your home. For this system to work, it must be programmed on any device with an internet connection including your tablet or smartphone. The Powerbolt also provides the convenience of keyless access to your home. The Home Connect technology works by allowing the front door communicate wirelessly to other things inside your house including the entertainment system, security system, lighting, thermostat etc.


Lock Bumping & Pick Protection

The pin and tumbler mechanism that’s commonly used in most locks has some flaws that allow burglars to bump or pick your locks with a bump key. Kwikset uses a locking bar instead of the tumbler and pin to keep intruders at bay.


Smart locks and keys are upcoming trends when it comes to home security. With Kwikset locks, you are assured of a lock that cannot be bumped, one which is pick resistant and most of all, you’re assured of flexibility as you can rekey your locks with ease. There are a wide variety of locks you can choose for your office or home. Just remember to to have your Kwikset lock from a certified store.


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