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The Best Schlage Locks On The Market

The Best Schlage Locks On The Market

When it comes to home and commercial security, nothing can beat the effectiveness and proof that Schlage locks offer. This is the reason it has become a personal choice of many locksmiths, security staff, and builders alike. In the modern society, our value is determined by the assets we own, however, the security used to safeguard these assets are only as good as the methods that are used. So, homeowners and locksmith like the guys at have put their faith in locks manufactured by Schlage, which not only guarantees top notch security but also has the reputation to back up their claims.

Reasons to choose the best home security

As everyone knows, securing one’s home is essential for various reasons. Whether it be to protect valuables kept inside or keep the family members safe from any external threats, use of maximum home security needs to become a vital part of our lives. One of the best ways to secure homes, and has always been, is to use good quality locks. Be it for a business concern or your humble abode, using modern generation locks can protect you against theft, robbery, or any sort of breach of privacy. This is where Schlage locks come in, as the company has been involved in manufacturing some of the best quality locks available on the market.

Why choose Schlage locks?

This company offers many innovations and advantages that its rivals don’t. The tubular design which is a common feature of locks manufactured by this company ensure 100% protection against lock picking efforts and other types of breaching methods. To make security tighter, these locks have unique biting and shapes on the face of the keys that is almost impossible to replicate. The construction made of forged brass ensure protection against the pressure that might come from forced entry attempts.

After the death of Schlage in 1946, his company made remarkable strides and became one of the most trusted and efficient lock manufacturers. Even though their journey from obscurity to popularity was riddled with struggle, this company certainly proved its merit with modern, innovative methods and extremely fine mastery over their lock making craft.

Best Schlage locks on the market

The two most popular types of locks manufactured by this company are deadbolt locks and cylindrical locks. Both differ from each other in terms of working mechanism and purpose for which they are used.

Cylindrical locks: A cylindrical lock, as the name implies, has a cylinder as its primary component. It is mostly employed in buildings and can be activated from both inside and out. Most commercial locks of this variety can be activated without the need of the key if the person is inside the building. However, the key is required if the lock has to be activated from the outside.

When a key is inserted in a cylindrical commercial lock, it rotates the cylinder which in turn activates the attached cam. When this key is turned in one direction, the cam exerts pressure on the bolt leading to the release of the lock from the door’s frame. When this key is twisted in the opposite direction, the cam withdraws force from the bolt making it snap into a secure place.

Deadbolt locks: These locks work on almost same principles like cylindrical locks; the only difference between these two is that deadbolt variety does not make use of the spring mechanism. It operates in a pretty straightforward method that involves turning the key, which in turn rotates the cylinder to slide the bolt lock and open positions. The lack of spring mechanism makes this variety harder to pick. For this reason, most business houses commercial and residential use deadbolt locks.

Keyless locks: These type of locks are priced higher than normal locks because it provides an advanced level of security that many people needed to protect their belongings. Often used by the elite section of the society and the government, these electronic locks are easy to fit and provide the best security possible. Two of the most popular types of locks are fingerprint type and locks with small keypads.

These are becoming increasingly popular because not only are they more attractive to look at but also easy to operate. You can make use of a lighted keypad to enter your safety digits rather than going in search for keys in the dark. Get the best in keyless locks from Schlage Sence, Schlage Touch, and lastly, Schlage Connect.

Touchscreen locks: This is another type of electronic lock from the pioneers, Schlage. It offers advanced features and seamless compatibility with existing home security system, which allows this lock to be operated from anywhere. Some of the advantages that you get with touchscreen locks are fingerprint resistant screen, perfect wireless connectivity that is needed in case of an exterior entrance door, sleek and attractive design.

Bluetooth locks: Schlage is the proud manufacturer of one of the most intelligent and foolproof locks available. With this lock, you can enter your access code simply by bringing out the smartphone from your pocket. That’s right! These Bluetooth-enabled locks combine the best of modern day network technology and usefulness of smartphones to give you an all-round tech savvy home securing experience.

Using this lock is easy as using any other app, and there is no additional payments, subscriptions, or additional fees involved. You can now show of this lock to your friends and watch the reaction on their faces as they gaze at this wonder.


There are not many inventors in this world whose names are inscribed in the history books as Walter Schlage’s. His name is now synonymous with the name of his company as they have completely turned around how people use and perceive home security. Many people have come to appreciate the variety of Schlage Locks available and have made it their primary mode of protection against all sorts of breach threats. The numerous benefits of the locks manufactured by the company will act as a prudent step in protecting your family and assets from any kind of harm. So whether you’re a businessman looking to protect your riches or a caring father concerned about your children and wife, you can consider checking out more about Schlage Locks.

A “Kwik” Look At Kwikset Locks

A “Kwik” Look At Kwikset Locks

Kwikset is one of the few companies that manufacture door locks and related hardware that have stood the test of time in the industry because of the innovation and technology incorporated in them. Classic lines plus enhanced styling has made Kwikset products a great choice for many home owners. Over the past decades, the door hardware and lock industry has evolved from the traditional manually controlled locks to today’s smartphone controlled locks. Because of these improvements, home owners can be informed remotely when an authorized person breaks in. Kwikset has integrated the latest technologies in all of their locks and related hardware to ensure that your home remains secure at all times especially at these times when burglars have improvised their thievery techniques. Thanks to the guys at ATL Locksmith Pros, if you want to know more about the nature, types, quality and benefits of door locks offered by Kwikset, you may like to read on below for more information.


Home Security Locks

You would want to keep your home safe at all times especially when you are away for quite some time. Kwikset double cylinder deadbolts boosts the robustness of your glass door by installing a mechanism whereby the door has to be opened from inside as well as outside. They also provide Grade I deadbolt locks for exterior doors including those of the garage and entry doors leading into your house. You may want your neighbor to be picking up your mails when you’re away. With Kwikset SmartKey feature, you can re-key your lock to a temporary key for your neighbor. Also, you can install a temporary personal code (smartcode) provided to provide a temporary key for your neighbor.


Electronic Locks

If you want to add an extra layer of security to your exterior doors, electronic locks have been engineered in ways that fortify the lock systems. These locks provide keyless access, a feature that’s not only safe but also convenient. The smartcode feature enables you to unlock your doors remotely, eliminating the need of finding the key inside your car. Also, you don’t have to alight from your car to open your garage door. If you like a fancy kind of lifestyle, Kwikset electronic locks make life fancier.


Re-Key Technology

Traditionally, a locksmith would have to remove the deadbolt for him to rekey your door lock, a process that takes hours to be completed. With Kwikset, re-key technology, you don’t have to hire a locksmith to help you rekey your system. The rekeying process is a step-by-step process made up of four main steps that are clearly described in the instruction manual. The process enables you to change your keys without having to remove the deadbolt. This feature comes in handy when you’re moving out from your home to a new home. It’s also useful when you lose your key. Home owners can seamlessly rekey their locks whenever old tenants move out as new ones move in thus saving a lot of time and money.


Remote Access Technology

Remotely accessing your door locks provide great convenience as you can manage your door locks even when you are not at home. It makes security so sleek. Imagine handling the major security systems of your home regardless of where you are. The SmartCode alongside with Home Connect enables you to remotely access the door lock from anywhere. You don’t have to give your key to that trustworthy friend anymore. No need to worry about losing your key. The remote access technology notifies you when someone enters your home. For this system to work, it must be programmed on any device with an internet connection including your tablet or smartphone. The Powerbolt also provides the convenience of keyless access to your home. The Home Connect technology works by allowing the front door communicate wirelessly to other things inside your house including the entertainment system, security system, lighting, thermostat etc.


Lock Bumping & Pick Protection

The pin and tumbler mechanism that’s commonly used in most locks has some flaws that allow burglars to bump or pick your locks with a bump key. Kwikset uses a locking bar instead of the tumbler and pin to keep intruders at bay.


Smart locks and keys are upcoming trends when it comes to home security. With Kwikset locks, you are assured of a lock that cannot be bumped, one which is pick resistant and most of all, you’re assured of flexibility as you can rekey your locks with ease. There are a wide variety of locks you can choose for your office or home. Just remember to to have your Kwikset lock from a certified store.


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